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Regarding the purpose of protecting threaded connections, brass lock nuts are a type of fastener frequently used in many different applications. They were created with the intention of preventing joint loosening and guaranteeing a solid, dependable joint. When connecting numerous pieces, brass Lock nuts Manufacturer in Jamnagar,India.Manually It's used in conjunction with a corresponding bolt or screw. Brass nuts are the ideal option for many contemporary applications because of its unique properties.

A brass alloy fastener with a hexagonal form is known as a brass Lock nut. It is utilised in many different undertakings, including those involving plumbing, automobiles, and electrical systems. A Brass Lock nut in India. it's the best option for many different activities because it can be tightened using a wrench or socket.

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To our committed customers, we Provide Best offer Manufacturer ,Supplier Of Brass Lock Nuts in large quantities. Numerous industries use the Lock Nuts extensively. It has a longer lifespan because it is made with the best raw materials available.Because of their distinctive qualities, features, and excellent in quality construction, our Lock Nuts are well regarded by our clients. For a variety of maintenance and construction operations, it is offered in tapped and varied thread sizes. To meet the needs of both our clients and industry, we also offer a wide variety of nuts in a variety of standards.

Installing or repairing piping or tubing systems that transfer liquid, gas, and occasionally solid materials is known as pipe fitting in India. Since different countries have varying criteria for installing the pipe, the materials, methods, and applications vary from one country to another.Bushing Fittings - Bushings are used to join two pipes of various sizes. They are also known as reducer bushings.

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specific Renowed manufacturers,suppliers & Exporters of Brass Nuts may have their own variations in terms of dimensions, tolerances, and other features. Therefore, it is advisable to consult the manufacturer's documentation or specifications for precise details when selecting brass lock nuts for a particular application.Your go-to supplier in India for premium brass lock nuts. We serve a variety of industries and applications as a top exporter of brass lock nuts.

We provide outstanding products that surpass worldwide standards thanks to our wealth of knowledge and dedication to excellence.Okay, engineers, we recognise the value of dependability and longevity in fasteners. Because of this, only the highest quality brass alloys are used in the production of our brass lock nuts, providing remarkable strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion. To ensure their functionality and conformity to industry standards, our goods go through stringent quality testing.

Specification of Adapter Brass Fittings

  • Thread Type: Lock nuts have internal threads that allow them to be screwed onto bolts or screws. The thread type can be metric (e.g., M4, M6, M8) or imperial (e.g., 1/4", 3/8", 1/2") and should match the corresponding thread type of the mating fastener.
  • Shape: Brass lock nuts usually have a hexagonal shape, also known as a hex nut, This shape allows for proper tightening and loosening of the nut.
  • Finish: Brass lock nuts may have different finishes applied to them for aesthetic purposes or to provide additional protection against corrosion.
  • Material: Free Cutting Brass, Lead Free Brass to BS 2870 CZ123, Brass BS 2870 and SS 316L, Aluminium, Stainless Steel.

Features of Brass Lock Nuts

Brass Lock Nuts Components Manufacturer
  • Known as most secure cable gland set up.
  • Installation mainly due to the low corrosion effect.
  • Provide High degree of protection.
  • The Locknuts are made from solid brass for durability and strength.
  • Secured to prevent unintentional loosening by a locking mechanism integrated in the nut.
  • Corrosion resistant with increased strength at high temperatures.
  • Prevent galvanic corrosion which can occur when dissimilar metals are coupled together.
  • Also used in conjunction with earth tags and washers.
We can manufacture and export Brass Lock Nuts as per specifications (custom drawing and samples) for more information please Contact us